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Avoid These Social Media Mistakes in 2023

At this point, social media and PR are a dynamic duo. If your business isn’t utilizing social media by now, what are you doing?? As someone in PR, there’s nothing better than checking out a brand's Instagram account and seeing a really well-together page that reflects the brand! This doesn’t happen for me as often as it should. A lot of the time, brands have a lazy social media presence with zero thought put into the page. A lot of the mistakes I see are easy to avoid.

INCONSISTENCY… It's simple! You’re not posting enough. Making a page, posting once, and assuming it will check the box for your social media presence is laughable. If you’re inactive on your brand's social media pages, some people might not even think you’re in business. Being active on platforms like Instagram is KEY to bringing your brand's message to life.

YOU BOUGHT YOUR FOLLOWERS… Wait, people actually fall for those accounts that say they’ll grow your Instagram if you pay them $100? I know... I didn’t think they did either. Let's cut them a break though. We don't all have Instagram street smarts, which is why I’m here to tell you you’re being scammed! Buying bot followers to make it look like you’re Instagram famous doesn’t work. It takes two seconds to go to your following list and see that these are obviously fake accounts. All this will do is make your brand look desperate. The minute I see a page with fake followers, I click right out.

YOU’RE BEING SHY WITH YOUR FOLLOWERS… We talked about how important engagement was in our last post. We’re gonna stress it again! Connection is crucial in the digital age of branding. Your followers will be much more likely to trust your brand if they see consistent interaction. This can be done by answering questions, liking comments, and thanking customers for their loyalty. Show your followers that there's a real person behind the account and not just a robot.

YOU DON'T USE HASHTAGS… I can see why some brands overlook this one. If not done correctly, hashtags can look cringe and tacky for a business page… or a personal one for that matter. If you use hashtags that are relevant to your business, this will help drive traffic to your page and organically grow engagement. Just make sure to keep it relevant so it doesn’t look like spam!

Social media isn’t going anywhere. Go into it with an open mind and make sure to keep our tips on hand. If you don’t wanna bother with all this new-age stuff, we can take care of it for you. Let's talk!

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