Corona Quarantine: Reading List Edition

We are all stuck at home and many of us are working from home best we can, But I figured why not use this time to read or download a book on Audible. If there was ever a time one needed to take a few minutes of the day to escape reality this is it and there is truly nothing like a great read. We at Media Maison have put together a list of books we think are well worth a dive into. Some are inspirational stories, how to change careers, some are to give you idea on how to navigate difficult situations, a little spirituality never hurt, some humor because God knows we all could use a little of that these days and yes, there's even a goat book in our list - because what's life without a little goat reading. Some books we have listed are a little old - but I always like to go back to solid reads that have gotten me through tough times and what I consider staples of my library.

We would love to know what your favorite books are! Message us or comment on some suggestions you might have.

Educated by Tara Westover If you are looking for a book about perseverance, this is it. A story of education, self-motivation and guaranteed to inspire.

You are a BadAss by Jen Sincero - How to Stop Doubting your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life

Looking for a tell it like it is book - this one does the trick!

The Art of Asking: How I learnt to Stop Worrying and Let People Help by Amanda Palmer

Asking for help is much easier said than done and I for one, have a really hard time asking. This book changed my attitudes and feeling on the subject and thought it was appropriate for these times.

Born a Crime by Trevor Noah Comedian and Daily Show Host Trevor Noah is where I go for my funny - this book is a great read for those looking for their place in the world and how they fit in.

The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle

This book is a must have for any home library. This book reminds me to be present - here and now.

Goats of Anarchy: One Woman's Quest to Save the World one Goat at a Time by Leanne Lauricella

"Based on the popular Instagram account of the same name, Goats of Anarchy takes you on a tour of animal rescue guru and full-time goat mama Leanne Lauricella's goat rescue farm. This is a place where special-needs goats can heal, grow, and butt heads to their hearts’ content."

As a goat mommy myself - I loved this book and all she does to rescue these amazing little creatures. It's also about following your heart and passion.

So there is just a few things to get going.... but please share your favorite books so we can add them to our reading list. I am no Oprah - but these have changed my life in many different ways.


CEO Media Maison

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