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Should Your Brand Go Political?

Great... Another political post from Starbucks while I do my daily doomscrolling. Nowadays, it seems like every brand has a political stance. If you’re anything like me, you roll your eyes every time you see another brand take the bait. While it may be annoying to us, some people eat it right up! I KNOW I'm not the only one whose grandma asked for a MyPillow for Christmas…

Most nights, I'm scrolling through my feed as the newest tragedy is reported. Most of the time, I’m thinking “SOMEONE do something.” At this point, everyone has had this reaction to something they’ve read. This gives brands the opportunity to “do something.”

Take Disney for example, who took a firm political stance against Florida's Parental Rights In Education bill. Otherwise known as the ‘Don't Say Gay’ bill that would limit discussions of sexual orientation and gender identity in schools. While there were many people who were relieved that Disney finally took a stance, they also made some enemies. Right wing think tanks and conservative Disney fans began turning their back on the theme park. Disney is now known as a “woke” organization, which appeals to many, but turns off others. Yes, it’s true that Walt Disney himself was apolitical, but we are living in a different age! Did Disney make a mistake or did they do what was necessary?

Are we damned if we do and damned if we don’t?

You’d think brands wouldn’t want to deal with the drama, but the desire to stay in the mix might just be too tempting. What do you think? Do you like to see brands involved or does the political talk make you want to throw your phone away? Let us know! I mean I’m admitting right now that I got my grandmother the MyPillow for Christmas…

Keeping up your brand's image can be a juggling act. We can help you keep up and craft an image for your brand that will deliver results! Contact us today to schedule a consultation!

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