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TikTok... Why Not?

It's not too late to join the TikTok craze! - There is something for everyone whether it's comedy sketches, tutorials, music, home improvement, celebrity collaborations, marketing your brand and so much more. It's not just a bunch of 14 year olds dancing and lip syncing (although, if that's your style it's on there too).

Why TikTok is taking over? Lots of reasons. TikTok curates a feed personalized to the user, so you will only see videos that are based on your interests. Anyone can go viral on TikTok, it only takes a few views and the #fyp to get any video on the "for you page" and from there it spreads like wildfire. More and more celebrities are hopping on acting like fools and we LOVE it. You can collaborate with others using the "duet feature" and endlessly scrolling through short videos is an obsessive habit. I mean if not now then when right?

Getting past the "cringe" of TikTok...

It's weird, it's goofy and it takes time. Everyone on the app was hesitant to download it because of it's reputation for being a platform for teens who think they're starring in a music video. Yes, there is some questionable content, but once you spend enough time finding things you like, everything gets better. You'll come to find that it's a place where people get funny and creative, and everyone fits in somewhere. Just like there is someone out there for everyone.

So we suggest giving it a try. Download the app, find your lane and TikTok away. You never know... you could be the next viral TikTok star!



MM TikTok Queen!

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