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First off - "Maison" means "House" in French for those of you who didn't take a 2nd language in high school.....and it's pronounced "May-ZOHN". 

Simply put we work our A*%^*#'s off....and we give a S$%&* about our clients.

Media Maison is a full-service, amped-up, around-the-clock creative agency that specializes in public relations & marketing including, today’s all-important digital media component.

We do it all. All the time. And we don’t complain.

Not everybody can handle what we do and definitely not as fast as we do it.

Like we said, we work hard for our clients & expect them to do the same.  We’re honest & established. We deliver on our word & our word is gold.

At Media Maison we're not afraid to tell you that your website is "outdated" or that your packaging needs a "pick-me-up" - only because we want you to be the best. 

We know writing a check for PR is hard and you want results - so we tell you what we think. We care enough about your brand to tell you the truth not just cash your check. 

At Media Maison we successfully bridge a gap most companies can only dream of. We effortlessly blend product development, manufacturing, packaging, branding, product management, public relations, marketing & digital media into one channel.

At Media Maison, we work with A-tier national media outlets, top bloggers and online lifestyle/news sites. We have the sustained &  seasoned connections that clients crave. Media Maison is unlike any other firm out there.
Oh & if you ask us for a "case study" we're not the right firm for you. Powerpoints are pretty but we'd rather give you our client's email & numbers - call them & chat.​



Sam Martin CEO

We don't "toot our own horn" but every so often the media ask us about our firm.

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