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Tired of being famous in just your hometown? Want to change the world? Have the next mind-blowing "widget"? Burned by another PR firm that made you BIG ASS promises but delivered a post from a Mommy-Blogger with 3 followers, her mother, sister and BFF. 

Then work with Media Maison - PR without the BS. 

We’ve helped our clients gain nationwide exposure. And we can help you do that too.

Media Maison is a media specialist. That’s why it’s part of our name. Media is our game, we are one of the best players on the field and we are in this to win it ALL for our clients.

We represent only the most talented and the most original. We bring new brands to life. We revitalize heritage brands that are on life support. We introduce top tier media outlets, and consumers to the next cool thing. We encourage interactive involvement. We create buzz.  We ignite curiosity. We make consumers care enough to spend their hard earned $$.

Our programs come to life in news, lifestyle and entertainment arenas and provide consumers the opportunity to interact with our clients' brands and products via multiple platforms.

We practice personalized public relations–Media Maison has the media relationships that matter (and other firms only dream about).

We know the power of PR and we never miss a story.

We love our clients and become part of their team. We are here to bounce ideas off, we have a Rolodex that is truly impressive and can put you in touch with anyone or at least close enough with just a call or two. 

We love what we do - and that is truly....

No BS.

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