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The number of people who came to Media Maison with an idea on a napkin or a product that needed to be manufactured was overwhelming.  We found many clients looking to build brands and product lines and turned to us for help. 


With CEO, Samantha Martin's experience in the toy industry in Asia, we were already connected to overseas manufacturing, shipping and USA retailers. 


Her experience is invaluable to clients and stops them from spending in the wrong places, getting screwed over by "googling" a manufacturing firm and the numerous other pitfalls of bringing a brand to market. She and the MM team are there to hold your hand from a doodle napkin drawing to store shelves. 

In 2017, Metier Maison was born to service those clients.

From branding, product development, prototypes, packaging to marketing, video production, photoshoots and more. 

We have helped launch numerous brands from toys to accessories, home goods and more. Once completed these brands move over to Media Maison for PR and Social Media. 


Making us a unique firm that can do it all and under one umbrella. 


We guarantee you - No other PR firm knows what QC or FOB means?

Do you have the next "great" idea?


Contact us and we will tell you if we agree! 

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