fètes & soirèes

Want us to roll out the red carpet? We could do that. Need a photo backdrop flooded with your logo? Ok… sure.

But, those tired tactics have made their way down to Midwest-America’s sweet sixteen parties and are frankly no longer effective.

We take more pride in hosting out-of-the box events for our clients that will render attendees incapable of staring at their smartphones for the night. Naturally, they may want to tweet about the awesome time that they had which we’d prefer and understand.

 name it  - we've designed, organized, planned & hosted it. 


  • pop up stores

  • brand launch parties

  • celebrity birthday & events

  • movie premiers

  • corporate get togethers

  • trade show events

 oh.....and several backyard BBQ's on a budget.

** We also get that everyone has a food allergy/is gluten free/lactose intolerant and is afraid of clowns

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