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Gifting suites are passé -  at least to us. Plopping objects into the hands of celebs and making them pose for a photograph is forced and about as organic as a Hostess Twinkie and it costs a fortune.
Celebrity Cadeaux makes the act of giving gifts to a celebrity, personal. An act that can increase the visibility of a brand ten-fold with one "Tweet", Instagram photo, Facebook mention or a handwritten thank you note.
We get how important it is when a celebrity "likes" your product or service and what that can do for a business. We also know how important it is for celebrities to receive items appropriate to themselves, their family and lifestyle.
We actually have relationships with A list celebrities - we don't send product to a mailroom or an address on Google. We can get it into their hands, we know if it's worth the send and we use our relationships wisely.


At Media Maison there are no more cheesy award shows gifting suites that cost a fortune to participate and with dozens of other items. No more over-stuffed gift bags where your product competes with a "100K Safari Package with Monogrammed Tent" or a "Trip with Richard Branson to the Moon". 

No more gatekeepers to a celebrity who receive the product - and never pass it along.

No more lost packages in the mail room. No more Googling an address for a celebrity's publicist and blindly sending products without feedback or even an acknowledgment of delivery. No more black holes! No more wasted product! 

Celebrity Cadeaux is all about intimacy and our personal celebrity relationships. Your product is hand-delivered to their home or office and they are actually expecting it!

Think baby showers, bridal shows, housewarming and celeb "girl's night out" gifts. Think private dinner parties, invite-only charity events where stars receive hand-picked gift items specifically for that event. Just your product to one specific celebrity and once they try it - they would actually buy it! Think of receiving a "thank you" note from a celebrity which you can use on social or we can use with pitching!

It's time to stop the gifting madness and give celebs a chance to do something they would love to do: 

Help small businesses grow &    prosper.

Now that’s a REAL gift.

For more information about
Media Maison's Celebrity Cadeaux services
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