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​We are the GO-TO firm for toys. Our CEO was literally "born & raised" in the toy industry. From new products to established brands - we get them exposure and not just during "holiday gift season". When daytime producers & editors are looking for the next hottest play thing - they call us. 



Think you've got the best new food product of beverage brand? Guess what? About 10,000 other brands thing they do too and pitching your cookies can only be done once - we know how to tell the brand story to maximize your exposure. Who's secret recipe id you use? How did you come up with your packaging? From Vodka, wine, cake, vegan cookies to coffee - we've pitched and placed them all.  



For Health & Beauty products without the BS - PR with the PS works best. We do our best work with brands interested in the well-being of its consumers because we can get real about ingredients and tell the truth about the benefits. We've been at it for years and know what top beauty editors and health focused outlets need to see and hear to actually care. 



Notice how we say accessories - that is because we don't and won't work with clothing brands. Way too much drama there! But details are everything and we LOVE a great bag, shoe, necklace or bracelet. We know what editors and influencers are looking for the next big accessory trend. We work with stylists and influencers that can give your brand celeb names to help with pitching fodder.



As a restaurant, bar or hotel owner - you want new customers to fall in love with you and keep coming back. We can handle an opening, the change of chef, the new hot summer cocktail, the launch of a new brunch menu, pitch the celeb who was dining in your hot spot. We have worked with world wide media to direct the traveller to your business on their next trip. 



Doctors, Lawyers, Authors, Motivational speakers, Life Coaches, - we have represented them all. Fro introducing them as experts in their field for national quotes to booking appearances and engagements. We've pitched our doctor as a hottest bachelor and introduced our life coach to a celeb whose life they changed. We've introduced first time authors to the world and watched their lives change overnight. 



Home Decor products are no longer for just Better Home & Gardens crew. We can tell the stories of great home accessories and products that make life easier and help express individuality across national outlets. We can get products on the "must have for your home" list and on a "hostess gift" tv segment for the holidays. 



We've been here long enough to know that promoting products for children means reaching their parents.Even though they are time-starved and in the trenches we can find them and deliver the newest educational products, apparel, gear, book and gadgets. 

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