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Introduction to Media Maison

Hi guys!

We’ve started a blog! Follow along to get the lowdown on all things PR without the BS!

Media Maison has been around and doing our thing for 14 years now. Throughout these times of uncertainty, we wanted to find a way to remain connected with our clients, peers, media, influencers and share what we’re learning as we cope, and adapt our business to succeed in this “new normal.”

How have our work days changed? Well for starters, we’ve all gotten glimpses of what everyone looks like when they’ve woken up five minutes before a team Zoom call. And our tiny NYC apartments… we will give you a glimpse into our lives and how we have made room for “office space”? How our pets have become part of the work team. How are media friends have taken Facetime calls in their pajamas - Speaking of Pajamas…. we have our favorites we will be sharing on that topic too! Tips on how to cope with working solo or feeling disconnected. We will be sharing stories of our favorite clients and our favorite dog video that is going around. The occasional recipe we find that doesn't require lots of skill - Sam our CEO cannot cook at all and this pandemic has proven to be challenging for her on MANY levels - least of all how to boil an egg or make a package of Kraft Mac n’ Cheese. Sam will be posting her favorite goat videos (she loves goats videos) and each team member might post a “Corona confessional” on how it feels to be quarantined while working and sharing more about who they are and their lives. We will be asking for people to submit pictures and help us create taglines for some of our own pics! We will have tips to keep the kids entertained while you are on a conference call - aside from duck taping them to a chair.

We have lots of fun stuff to share with everyone so please check back often.

There is the serious side too - What are we doing with our new platform? The Media Maison team will be actively posting tips, stories, and everything in between with the goal of shedding some light on what we are doing to contribute during this time of uncertainty, what our clients are doing, how PR is evolving, how to get exposure for your brand asides from traditional PR, how we can help you if you need us. We will be asking for small businesses that we might be able to help with a little PR pro-bono - restaurants or other businesses you love and we might be able to help.

We also hope that with all the stress in our world, this blog can at least serve as a platform for insightful tips, comforting news, and when possible, a good laugh.

Follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram @mediamaison!

Good health and safety to all! There is light on the other side.

The Media Maison team

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