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What Does Your Publicist Actually Do? (And why it's not so easy to DIY)

Hey, you. Business owner. Brand ambassador. Yes, you.


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Wait …. you’re unfamiliar with these folks?

In a microcosm, that’s the explanation of what your public relations professional does. And it’s a small example – and an even smaller glimpse into a publicist’s world – as to why you can’t do it yourself. That is said with neither hubris nor cockiness, but merely with the confidence to convey to clients that we can help your business and brand. We are an extension of your brand.

By the way, Melissa is National On Air Style Expert for TODAY, GMA, Wendy Williams just to name a few.

Leslie Peirez is the Executive Producer for Yahoo Lifestyle & Entertainment.

Sinclair is National TV contributor, influential lifestyle expert and Best Selling Author of "Well Played".

These are the people we know. This is what we do. And this is the difference between publicist and client. We can’t design an A-line dress, but we sure can help you sell it.

We have said this before here in our blogs, and we will say it again because it bears repeating – publicists aren’t just engaging the public and fostering conversations around your business or brand, we are using our connections and relationships with the media to build YOUR connections and relationships. We are the bridge that you approach but, ultimately, need help crossing. We are the conduit between you and the public.

Could you do it? Could you be your own publicist? Sure, you can try. If you think you can walk away from your business for a decent chunk of time each day to devote to building relationships with the media, getting to the right person to pitch your product, understanding that there needs to be a story and angle behind that pitch, knowing the nuances of when to pitch, having the skill to craft a subject line and opening paragraph in an email that will convince a journalist to even open the message, heck having the overall ability to write as one of the core components of PR, owning a firm grasp on your market and how it changes, organizing an event to enhance your image in the community, …. then, yeah, if you have time to do all that then knock yourself out.

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