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Why Your Brand Needs a PR Firm

Updated: Jan 27, 2023

So you have a kickass product you want to get the word out about. You’re already a business owner, so it must be easy enough just to throw together a social media page and create instant brand awareness. Wrong! You’ll figure that out quickly once the only person viewing your brand's Instagram is your mom. Let’s face it, you may be an awesome business owner, but you don’t know where to start when it comes to media outreach, product launches, partnerships, content creation, we could go on... Lucky for you, a good PR firm can help you reach an audience far beyond just your mom.

Instead of throwing together that Instagram page that only five people follow (one being your burner account), let us handle it. A PR firm will master every aspect of your brand and handle the content creation so you don’t have to. We’ve seen enough grainy images and robotic captions posted to know that there's a need for us! 100 unanswered DMs? We’ve got it from here...

Media outreach isn't as simple as calling up The Today Show and getting your brand its own segment. Lucky for you, publicists have a secret file filled with the personal phone numbers of every journalist on the planet! Not actually, even though it feels like it sometimes. Great public relations firms have mastered how to reach out to journalists and bloggers in order to get your brand as many placements as possible. While no placement is guaranteed, the right PR firm will go to hell and back to get your brand in the conversation.

Want to collaborate with different influencers? That’s light work for us! Let us use our relationships with the top influencers and bloggers to promote your brand. Instead of you spamming random Instagram accounts with desperate messages, we’ll research which influencers align with your brand and take it from there. We’ll work with them to execute a killer collaboration that will help your brand be a household name.

So are you gonna Google “PR firms” and just pick one out of a hat? You could. We're sure there are a lot of great PR firms out there… they’re just not us. If you prefer a straight-to-the-point, no-frills, NO BS style public relations firm, we’ll work well together. We’re not one of those firms that see you as another client that we have to email back and get some coverage for. We enjoy seeing our clients win just as much as they do. We’re tight-knit, creative, and passionate about PR. We’re like that crazy mom in the bleachers who's more excited than their own kid.

We’ll stop hyping ourselves up now. If you hate sugarcoating and want a firm that will take you in as its own, we could make a great team. Let’s talk...

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