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Should Your Brand Utilize Social Media Influencers?

“Influencer”...a lot of us hear that word and cringe. There’s no question that social media has a big impact on branding these days thanks to Millennials and Gen Z. So while being a brand influencer doesn’t seem like a “real job” to some, influencers are more important than ever.

I know what you’re thinking, “How could a girl with a lot of Instagram followers telling me to buy Flat Tummy Tea be important?” Hear me out! While you may not even realize it, you are being influenced every time you scroll through Instagram or Tiktok. When you open your Instagram every day and see what your favorite influencer is having for lunch, you start to trust them!

According to research done by Fullscreen, 38% of those engaging with influencers trust what an influencer says about the brand more than what the brand says about itself.

“So what does that mean for my business?”

Influencers may not be your thing, but they’re not going anywhere! Keep an open mind on involving influencers in your marketing strategy. Don’t let the initial cringe at the word “influencer” stop you from increasing your sales.

Finding the right people to represent your brand is daunting! With the abundance of flat tummy tea model Instagrams and tiktokers, where do you even start? You can’t start these partnerships by picking names out of a hat! Finding influencers that match your brand's beliefs and ethical standards should be a top priority. There are a few things to look out for…

Make sure the influencer you are working with has REAL followers and hasn’t purchased fake bots. It’s not hard to tell when someone has fake followers. If their followers have no posts, have mostly spam comments, and follow other follower-buying accounts, chances are their followers aren’t real.

Check out how much they post. Is it consistent? Do they interact with their followers? These are all things that will impact how your brand is viewed.

Something to consider next time you’re thinking about how to improve your brand strategy. Like everything, be smart and savvy!

After all, PR is about building relationships. If you want to start evolving your brand and need help navigating the crazy world of PR, that's what we're here for! Let’s set up a consultation and get started..

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